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Hypnotherapist takes advantage of a married mom
Your mother had anxiety issue. So she was told to go to a therapist to sort out her problems. She would have rapid heart movement and feel very uncomfortable at a very little stress.
[Image: bk2l3.jpg]

He asks her to lay down comfortably on the couch and starts his therapy. Soon he gets her completely under his control.

[Image: 2s7hn35.jpg]

Once she is gone. He proceeds to play with her assets.

[Image: 2aeru3l.jpg]

He is very pleased and surprised.
[Image: 2wqtmc7.jpg]

[Image: anldag.jpg]

He decides she is too good to let go so he alters her mind permanently and programs her to divorce her husband so he could keep her with him.

[Image: 1zznnyg.jpg]

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